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Posted on February 23 2017

How to Channel Audrey's Funny Face on Screen Style 

Funny Face Style

If you've never experienced this classic fashion musical, amazon instant rent it right this minute! You will not regret one second of this visual feast for the eyes. Need more reasons to check it out. 1. Audrey Hepburn 2. Fred Astaire 3. Givenchy custom designed Hepburn's Paris fashion wardrobe just for the film. And then there's the fanciful fashion focused plot. In a nutshell-- Bookish beatnik shopkeep Jo (Hepburn) is bombarded by the fashion elite of Quality magazine (ie. fictional Vogue) hunting for a stark shoot set. They trash the place. Books litter the floor and Jo spouts intellectual musings to fashion photographer Bob (Fred Astaire) about the trouble with "synthetic beauty." She's an empathicalist—a devoted fan of philosophy— but her values are tested by fashion and the lure of a free trip to France. While hunting for a fresh face to shoot in Paris as the "Quality Woman," Bob discovers Jo's sunny "funny face" fits the bill. While on their Parisian adventure, Hepburn and Astaire banter and break out in spontaneous song and dance in scene stealing styles by Givenchy. With clashing cases of elitism between the fashion set and intellectual academic Jo, comedy and hijinks ensue. But even with the flash and bang of broadway tricks, the fashion takes center stage. Check out Jo's stand-out looks and how to channel them into modern outfits.



Funny Face Bookshop Style Audrey Hepburn

Before her supermodel makeover, Jo is a straight up stylin' librarian-esque shopkeep. To channel Jo's studious look, throw on a black top, pleat skirt, sensible shoes, and cozy vest. Being bookish doesn't mean boring. Bring on the pleats!



Funny Face French Style Audrey Hepburn

Check out this Parisian city slicker and matching leather gloves! We live for a classic camel coat. And black on black is an effortless pairing to layer underneath. Try a simple turtleneck and slacks to tie it all together. 



Funny Face French Style Audrey Hepburn

White on white + a pop of color. It's the female version of a snazzy sailor suit. No broom needed. 



Funny Face French Style Audrey Hepburn

Every soulful second of this 5 minute beatnik break dance in a second hand smoke clouded Parisian nightclub is pure musical magic! What I would give to EXPRESS myself as Jo does in that setting, in that outfit. This is my kind of fantasy. Create a classic beantik uniform with all black everything: turtleneck, pants, and loafers. Now your ready to philosophize and jazzercise in style! 



Funny Face French Style Audrey Hepburn

Florals...for spring...GROUNBREAKING! We don't care what Meryl says (okay, we usually do, but this is an exception.) Floral prints make our heart sing bright happy songs just like the folks in Funny Face. So slip into a petaled party dress. We dare you!



Funny Face French Style Audrey Hepburn

Bing! Bang! Balloons! Nothing makes a little black dress and chic shoes sing like a bright bundle of balloons. 



Funny Face French Style Audrey Hepburn

We love a lady in lace. Lace on top. Lace on bottom. All lace everything please! Thanks Givenchy!



Funny Face French Style Audrey Hepburn

Make an entrance! Make them green with envy! The statement coat is key. Add a touch of white to let the coat take center stage...or step...or whatever the hell you're strutting on!



Funny Face French Style Audrey Hepburn

Now this is some serious Old Hollywood glamour! What a scarlet siren you became Jo (ie. Hepburn)! Givenchy looks good on you!



Funny Face Audrey Hepburn GivenchyAnd now that you've gotten a taste of the fashion form the films, can we just take a second to acknowledge and appreciate the genius of Givenchy and the fact that Audrey got him to design custom fashions for the film. Just learned this fun fact and it makes total and complete sense. I have a whole new level of appreciation for this film. I mean, even with the artsy opening credits, I still managed to miss that nugget of knowledge until now. 





Images via Vanity Fair, Pretty Clever Films, and The Huffington Post 





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